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Rick Kikta 
June 5, 2015

Aloha Louise. Just a brief, but heart felt note to wish you peace, love, wellness, joy and prosperity.

Oct 1, 2014

I have all your records, Louise, but had to wait until I could afford to purchase Tangerine. I finally got it last week, and have been lost in it ever since. It's absolutely amazing. So many layers of depth that I feel that the journey has just begun. Thank you, Louise. And even though your Nashville experience was apparently not great (you're not alone), I still hope that you'll come through here and play for us some fine day....            Ramcey in Nashville

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May 1, 2012

Looking forward to listening to the new Tangerine CD. Been waiting for a new CD from you since forever. Saw Peter & Annie at a house concert last year & heard about your upcoming CD. Are you ever coming to the San Francisco Bay Area for a show or 2 or more? Only seen you once, in Santa Barbara, when I happened to be in town for a family function. Please come to the Berkeley-Oakland area. My favorite venue is the Freight & Salvage, in a new home since Aug 2009. Come & check it out. I would love to see one of my favorite singer songwriters in my favorite venue. But I'll settle for a house concert. Do you think that's possible?

Robert Steele 
April 8, 2012

Love your music. Play it all the time.

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chas wilson 
Aug 31, 2011

on a wintry wisconsin evening, many years ago, you captivated a small group of hardy individuals who braved the weather to hear you sing. that concert in washburn at the museum still sticks in my mind as the finest performance i have ever been a part of. it was magic. thank you for sharing your gift! hope you are well.

Jesse Zoernig 
Aug 26, 2011

Here in Tucson, formerly Northampton area, hoping you come out with another album.
I enjoy your music.

Dave Therrien 
July 17, 2011

I fell in love your music when I first listened to Ride back in the late 1990's - Blue Norther still blows me away. The lyrics, the accordion, the chanege up in the middle, wow.

I live in Southern NH - do you ever play around here ? And I think it's time to hear more new songs - how about a new CD ?

Thanks for sharing your amazing talent !

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