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Dave Therrien 
July 17, 2011

I fell in love your music when I first listened to Ride back in the late 1990's - Blue Norther still blows me away. The lyrics, the accordion, the chanege up in the middle, wow.

I live in Southern NH - do you ever play around here ? And I think it's time to hear more new songs - how about a new CD ?

Thanks for sharing your amazing talent !


jerry peel 
June 26, 2011

louise, i knew you long ago in brattleboro, you could sing like a bird, I worked as a roadie for jaco pastorius for 5 years, had lots of fun with him, all i could ever play was blues, i'm exited to hear ur music. I remember staying in your basement for a short time. love to you, jerry

jeff jacobs (jake) 
Jan 25, 2011

In 1992, I saw you play in a little church, in the basement, in Keene NH with my friend Anne Shutan. I bought your first tape, and soon after i received a phone message on my old message machine that was from my writing instructor and an editor for a small paper telling me that my first short story was to be published, and not to let it ruin my day. I had the sound of my phone ringing and her message that was so funny, warm ,and charming...what a great way to begin a tape of all the female singers who really spoke to me,, like Joan Armatrading, Rickie Lee Jones, Annie Lennox etc. I wanted to kick this tape off with something really special to me back then and I chose a song by you, Last Chance Dance, because that was as good as a song gets. I listened to that tape many times and never tired of Last Chance Dance. sometimes I'd just listen to the phone message and your song and rewind and do it again. i tired of the old phone message after awhile and skipped right to Last Chance Dance. I wanted to thank you for giving that to me, and we only met briefly on that one night in a little church in Keene, New Hampshire.

Nov 11, 2010

How I wish for new creations by Louise. I consider her one of the top 3 all time female singer-songwriters. How can she go 7 years between recordings? Please please please send some of your wonderful creations out to the world Louise.


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Robert Steele 
May 20, 2010

Thanks for letting me drift away for a little while.

doug morton 
April 27, 2010

Love the new stuff louise, miss ya.

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Andrew Hawkey 
March 5, 2010

Louise, we had the pleasure of hosting you at the Talbot, Tregaron, in wild mid-Wales many years ago ... a memorable gig. I've been revisiting Written in Red, one of my all-time favourite CDs ('Meet You Here' consistently stuns me) and Velvet Town, which still sounds like something completely innovatory ... I don't think anyone's quite caught up with that, somehow ... Moved over here to rural Brittany a couple of years back, but planning to return to Wales soon; it's where the heart is. Your music is unique, sustaining and comforting, and I hope you're planning to release something again soon - it's been way too long, Louise. Hope you're happy, wherever you are. - Andrew

david beaton 
Feb 21, 2010

Glad to hear you are living the good life in Hawaii.
Cold in Florida this winter.
Let us know if you make it to the main to have you play.
the best to you
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